Accountability of the Laity-Archives

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The ticking bomb of lay involvement

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Pope gets celibacy question backward

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Crisis & Renewal - Irish Catholic Church

Comments on In-Home Religious Ed.


Religious classes out of homes 

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Now we know
"What the Bishops 'don't get' "

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Women Religious Experiences:

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Women of Spirit in our Own Time

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Why so few Bishops knew about
Vatican Norms on Canonical Crime
of Sexual Abuse by Priests

Nicholas P. Cafardi on 

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The Sacrament in the Gulf

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Compromised Hierarchy Needs
Relational Wisdom of Women

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Missal Translation Kills  Mystery

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Surely Rome can do better

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Sex: Obedience & Disclosure

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Cracks in the Walls of the Curia

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The New Catholic Church- a Fantasy

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The Gift of Shame

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A challenge to old progressives

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Who can Mock this Church?

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Voices of the Social Gospel

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A Church Mary Can Love

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Pope's Letter to the Irish Church

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A Bishop goes to Confession

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“Protecting Children & Young People”

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Unfulfilled PROMISES of Vatican II