Board of Directors - 2010


Kathleen Hartmann, Dir., Secretary   631-981-2540          Term ends Dec. 2011

Joan Hopkins, Co-Chair               516-383-4772       Term ends Dec. 2011

Philip Megna, Director                 631-754-1299     Term ends Dec. 2011

John Mulvey, Dir.Treasurer         631-706-0160         Term ends Dec. 2011

John Ryan, Co-Chair                   631-473-8252       Term ends Dec. 2010

Pat Paone                                 516-627-2438   Term ends Dec. 2012

Nancy Massaro                           516-437-6056         Term ends Dec. 2012


Executive Committee
Joan Hopkins, Co-Chair              516-383-4772
John Ryan,  Co-Chair                 631-473-8252
Kathleen Hartmann, Secretary    631-981-2540
John Mulvey, Treasurer              631-706-0160 

#1 Member at Large - To be determined 

#2 Member at Large - To be determined   

The Co-Chairs shall hold regular monthly meetings of the Executive Committee. They may meet more often if necessary. The Executive Committee may take whatever actions and make whatever decisions it deems necessary regarding the day to day activities of LIVOTF, provided such actions/decisions are consistent with policies and initiatives authorized by the Board and not in violation of LIVOTF’s goals and mission.