Resources: Books and Films

Read or hold study groups on Implementing Vatican II in your Community, by Stuber and Nelson, an Angelus book from Guild Press.

Bulletin inserts from St. Anthony Messenger Press
, 1-513-241-5615 or write to 1615 Republic St., Cincinnati, OH 45210-9989.

Lay-led talks on structure in the Church, the documents, and how change is effected. How can Synods help?

View the film A Love Divided, and share experiences of a similar nature, toward helping to create a more loving Church environment. This is a true story. It happened as Vatican Council II was coming to a close. It tells about a Catholic priest in a small town in Ireland whose zeal and despotism nearly destroyed one family in particular as well as the whole town in general. Thirty-five years later, the local bishop finally apologized. A new release.

The film A Walk to Remember takes a close, hard look at peer pressure among high school youth, their cruelty to outsiders, and their freedom to change. It starts out crazy but enters into the profound. Adults will love it too. A moving spiritual film done Hollywood style. A very good message film rated PG. Let’s not leave the future church out of the loop. We need to leave a legacy.

The three-volume set, Vatican Two in Plain English, available in individual volumes: The Council, The Church, The Decrees. Daughters of St. Paul, 1-212-754-1110, ask for Sr. Joshua. Set $34.95. Per volume, $12.95. Also available in single-document or decree at $1.95 and $3.95 each. Web site address is

The Parish As Covenant, by Sweetser, from Sheed and Ward, 1-800-266-5564. Forward-thinking book for Catholics in transition. Such topics as co-pastoring the parish, teaching religion to children inductively, accepting dissent as a compass to growth. $17.95. New.

Transforming the Parish, by Forster, from Sheed and Ward (see no. 7 for telephone number). Packed with mind-boggling ideas for creative and constructive change. Studies, statistics, case histories — you name it. $14.95. If unavailable, see

Pastoral Councils in Today’s Catholic Parish, by Mark Fischer, from Twenty-Third Publications, 1-800-321-0411 or This is the “summit and source” of pastoral council wisdom. Recently published, it reviews the history of councils and how they came to be following the Second Vatican Council. The author explains the philosophy behind calling upon God’s wisdom as shared in his people to discover the giftedness of parishioners as they foster communal growth. Discernment is the technique whereby everyone — pastor, council, and people — share the responsibility for bringing the Kingdom into being in the parish. Absolutely thorough in its research, exposition, and references. No source has done a better job.