USCCB Meeting Preparation/Campaign

What LIVOTF has done:

Signed and gathered signatures for petitions
Plans underway calling for NYS Legislation Reform
Wrote letters to their Bishops
            Members wrote letters urging bishops to fund the Causes and Context Study.   At the upcoming USCCB meeting (11/13-16) the bishops will be voting to release funds earmarked last year for research on the causes and context of sexual abuse by clergy. While we are pushing for full funding of the study please take this opportunity to contact your bishop and encourage him to, at a minimum, vote for this release. More details are available at the USCCB website which we promoted in this week’s Vineyard.

What VOTF Officers are doing:
Officers offer invitation to meet with bishops
            For those of you in dialogue with your Bishop please let them know that Mary Pat Fox and Gaile Pohlhaus will be available to meet during the upcoming USCCB conference at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront hotel. We’ve arranged for them to be available on Monday afternoon from 4:00pm-6:00pm. An invitation was included in a recent mailing to the bishops regarding the work of the Structural Change Working Group.  (see below)

What Bishops will receive:
Structural Change materials provided to all bishops.
            The attached letter is being sent to all the ordinaries along with a CD comprised of the Structural Change Working Group’s excellent work. Most of these materials are already available on the national VOTF website at
            We will soon update this page to include all the materials on the CD. The mailing will also include our revised membership brochure. (The brochure is available on our website at
            Meanwhile if you would like copies of the CD or brochure please contact Angela at

Gratitude from VOTF National Officers & Staff
In supporting the Fall Action Campaign Plan
            Thank you all for your participation thus far. At least 36 affiliates are involved in one or more of the Fall Action Campaign plans. This is a significant increase in affiliate participation compared to our first direct action initiative on Pentecost Sunday. A list of participating affiliates is on our website at  If you are participating in the Fall Campaign and are not on this list please contact Angela at and we’ll make sure to add you to the list.

cc: National Representative Council, Officers, Trustees, Working Groups