Grand Jury Investigates the Bishop

The leaders of the Long Island Voice of the Faithful welcome a Federal Grand Jury's current investigation into Bishop William Murphy's role in providing incomplete and inaccurate information to the US Office of Personnel Management relative to the background and behavior around minors of a Boston priest when the Bishop was in Boston.

At an earlier meeting of Voice of the Faithful, Ms. Laura Ahearn provided damaging documentation regarding the Bishop's deceitful role in a number of cases regarding abusive priests in the Boston area, including the Scanlan case. Bishop Murphy then issued a purported rebuttal to some of Ms. Ahearn's allegations. A VOTF-LI examination showed that the Bishop's statements were in a few cases correct but not responsive to Ahearn's allegations, in others correct but misleadingly incomplete, and that no response at all was given in the case in question.

LI VOTF trusts that the Bishop's role will finally be clarified by the Grand Jury in a way that will leave no doubt as to the motivation and manipulative conduct of the Bishop, and that will protect potential victims of abusive priests. It is hoped that law enforcement officials will finally end the pain that has been inflicted on too many innocent children, their families and the Church at large.