Making our Voices Heard

What Specifically Does VOTF Seek To Accomplish?

"A seat at the table and complete financial openness." If there were a parent at the table when decisions were made to reassign abusive priests, they would not have occurred. If there were complete financial openness, contributions would not have been inappropriately used for so long.

At the Parish level:

  1. A representative (not appointed) Pastoral Council in every parish
  2. A Finance Council in every parish reporting to the Pastoral Council
  3. A Safety Committee in every parish to oversee background checks of personnel slated to work in sensitive positions.

At the Diocesan level:

  1. A representative (not appointed) Diocesan Council similar to the Pastoral Council
  2. Independent financial oversight reporting to the Diocesan Council
  3. A mechanism to monitor compliance with the Council of Catholic Bishops' charter for the protection of youth and children.