Vigil Handouts


  • May  Sister Maureen Paul Turlish Explains It All…
  • April  Sex Abuse and the Legacy of Lay Passivity
  • March
  • February   The need for the Revelation of Truth Concerning The Priest Sexual Abuse Scandal
  • January  Honoring the Holy Innocents- Ms. Kris Ward on  behalf of the Nat'l. Survivor Advocates



  • December Advent...And Learning to Wait
  • November Priest Charged with Stalking
  • October Get a life-It's over! Priest Impregnated Berks County teenager
  • September  "Send the Bishops a Me$$age"
  • August  LIVOTF Vigilers begin 7th Year & What New York owes victims of sex abuse (two handouts)
  • July  -------------------
  • June Throw Open the Windows  
  • May Hiding in Plain Sight & Church Strips Priest of Duties (two handouts)
  • April Ally in the Church is found on Statutes of Limitation Reform
  • March LIVOTF again calls for Bishop Murphy's Resignation for the Pastoral Mission of the Church
  • February  Hiding in Plain Sight & Church Strips Priest of Duties (two handouts)
  • January   ------------------


  • December Irish Bishops and Police Hid Abuse
  • November  Speak one great truth in the face of one great lie
  • October  DRVC in total compliance?
  • August   NYCC: Aggressive bid to stop Reform of Child Sex Abuse Laws
  • June  Changes...and an Unholy Alliance; "I Threaten Everybody..."
  • July          -------------------
  • May  Denying Another's Memories; Looking Backward
  • April   "Shame...Wow" Northbridge Man Wants Msgr. Riordan Prosecuted
  • March   VOTF Once Again Calls on Bp. Murphy to Resign
  • Februay Lost Sheep Vigil at St. Raphael’s Parish
  • January LIVOTF calls on ALL bishops to open their hearts, ears, and doors. Welcome ALL to meaningful dialogue & communication