L.I. Voice of the Faithful Working Committee Contacts

We Need Your Help - We are in need of volunteers to help the organization by serving on one or more of our 12 working committees: Communication, Compliance, Finance, Legislative, Media Relations, Membership, Newsletter, Planning/Events, Prayer Team, Priests Support, Survivor / Victim Support, and Vigils.

Each committee elects its own chairperson and may establish the appropriate maximum amount of time for a committee member to serve. Any individual committee member may withdraw from service at any time. Please help us by joining one of the working committees. You can contact the committee contact persons directly - see the Working Committees directory.

Committee Position Name Telephone # E-mail
Communication Chair Judy Grillo 516-328-3649 Emmi10@optonline.net
    Joan Bedosky 631-234-0207 JBedosky10@aol.com
Compliance Chair
Tom Myles 516 982-1657 tommyles1@gmail.com
  Co-Chair Tom Lloyd 516-799-5380 tomklloyd@optonline.net
  Co-Chair Joan Hopkins 631-750-5222 jmhspirit@optonline.net
Finance Chair
Kevin Connors 516-796-2231 Fcon101596@optonline.net
  Co-Chair John Mulvey 631-363-9521 John@seigerman.com
Historian Chair Anne Kerrigan 631-587-1832 MARTKER@aol.com
Legislative Co-Chair Undetermined     
Media Relations Chair Pat Paone 516-627-2438 paongael@optonline.net
    Nancy Massaro   516-437-6056  grancy@optonline.net
    Tom Lloyd 516-799-5380 tomklloyd@optonline.net
    Vincent Meade 631-669-2170 meade1342@verizon.net 
Membership Chair; PV's    Joan Bedosky 631-234-0207 JBedosky10@aol.com
  Western Coor.  Judy Grillo  516-328-3649 Emmi10@optonline.net
  Central Coor. Ruth Hill 631-587-2911 rhill3@optonline.net
  Eastern Coor. vacant    
Newsletter Editor & Design John Ryan 631-473-8252 jdryan@suffolk.lib.ny.us
Planning/Events Co-Chair Philip Megna 631-754-1299 Philmegna@earthlink.net
  Co-Chair Patricia Paone 516-627-2438 paongael@optonline.net
Prayer Team Co-Chair Undetermined    
Priest Support Co-Chair Undetermined    
Survivor/Victim Sup.  Chair John Ryan 631-473-8252 jdryan@suffolk.lib.ny.us
Vigils Chair Leo Cuomo 631-277-2068 leofcuomo@yahoo.com